Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rahul Manchanda Law Offices are Well Known

The Rahul Manchanda Law Offices are located in New York City on the busy Wall Street. The office is one of the leading law firms in the area of Immigration Law; they also focus on other areas of law such as Criminal Law and Family Law. Mr. Manchanda works with a competent staff that speaks many different languages and is personally fluent in five languages. This comes in handy for the clients, of various ethnic groups, who will come though that door. In addition to being an outstanding lawyer, he is also highly educated. Educated at Boston University and Yale University, among others, Rahul Manchanda brings to his firm the commitment of excellence. So popular is Rahul Manchanda Law Offices that his expertise has been shown at major media television programs. Clients can know that when they are in the hands of the Manchanda firm they are in good hands with a sold leader.

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