Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The International Legal Expertise of Attorney Rahul Manchanda

Attorney Rahul Manchanda is an extremely experienced and well versed professional. He has been involved in a tremendous amount of international law, as well as participating in numerous conferences, committees and agencies dedicated to the analysis, development and protection of international laws and rights.

Rahul Manchanda did not begin his professional life as an attorney, working towards degrees in Biology from both Boston and Yale universities before beginning a legal practice of his own. It was during his years of study however that he developed his skills in analysis and his precise attention to details that make him such a remarkable attorney today.

Anyone looking for a qualified attorney should look to Rahul Manchanda, as well as to his staff of equally qualified and dedicated attorneys and legal assistants. The group currently covers a wide range of legal needs and fields and continues to earn a reputation for quality and success.

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